creative voice

visually, ii speak “brand.” no matter the platform | the medium | the audience—
the incredible power of brand-focused communications is the language i know and love.

i’m nancy, and this is my vision.


i consider myself fortunate to have had such great exposure to numerous industries, as well as elite firms, 
corporations, and agencies. the insights, the strategy, the teamwork, and the talent are an infinite
source of learning and inspiration. i like to say that i got my “PhD” at Interbrand, where their process across
the brand spectrum is honed to a science, yet brought to life by creative genius. 

i owe a debt of gratitude to the esteemed Lou Dorfsman, who launched my career into a nine-year love affair
with CBS. Lou taught me the fine art of typography; to believe in myself; and to always surround oneself with
extraordinary talent.

to my education at Carnegie-Mellon University, i appreciate the important lesson of the ever-changing nature
of this industry. [who could have predicted it would have been quite so pervasive?]  and to my pursuit
of a professional writing minor—which has so often given voice to the platform of a BFA in graphic design—
i am grateful. words & visuals are inextricably and magnetically linked.

while my extensive career began with a focus on graphic design, the challenges of advertising—both consumer
& pharmaceutical—have greatly expanded my creative “brandwidth.” Kurt Haiman, founder of G2, taught me
a profound lesson: understand the fundamentals of branding, and you have the tools to brand [almost]
anything. while i stood at chelsea piers directing Caché photoshoots with renowned photographer Russell James
(and pinching myself), i recognized that brand reach is, indeed, limitless. 

my thoughts on creative inspiration across the professional pharma landscape—arguably the polar opposite
of retail brand advertising—are best captured by remarks made by one of my most passionate mentors. loosely
quoting Jack Hyndman, “designing great work in an unrestricted market is hard enough, but communicating
brilliantly within the notable constraints of the FDA is really something special...”

in summary, ii love everything brand. i remain ever fascinated at the prospects, the process, and [of course]
the victories. just roll the dice and let the games begin...