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“In my many years at CBS as Creative Director, Advertising & Design, I had an opportunity to see, interview, hire
and work with many young designers—many who have since gone on to more lucrative careers; some in fact to
greatness as designers and art directors. Nancy Goldstein was one of my “star” associates for some years, and also
went on to more lucrative careers in other situations—all of which expanded her vision and experience to make for 
a full rounded professional. Nancy is a clear thinking, sensitive, tasteful, intelligent problem-solver, as well as a
pleasant, friendly person to enhance the atmosphere of a department. She has integrity and brings that quality to 
her work and to client interface. I recommend Nancy unequivocally for employment in a design environment for a
corporation and/or organization as a valued team associate.”

Lou Dorfsman    Former Creative Director, Advertising & Design, CBS


“Nancy Goldstein’s dedication to her craft is beyond reproach. Her intelligence and market savvy as a communicator
are outstanding. Her creativity is boundless. I personally believe she would bring any position, with any company, 
to its next plateau. Nancy took a dull CACHE brand, gave it a new vitality, a new vision. She totally rebranded
the company in every form of communications. Her creative passions are an asset, as she has proven time & time
again. She is a rare breed of a talent.”

Kurt Haiman    Senior Partner & Founder, G2 Branding & Design


“Nancy is one of the finest visual persons I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is smart, articulate, has
incredible design chops, sets high creative standards, mentors her staff to make them better, and is always thinking
“brand” whether concepting or expanding an approved idea. She sees the big picture as well as all the details,
and manages both extremely well. I can’t recommend her enough. If you’re serious about wanting excellent work,
you want Nancy Goldstein.” 

Jack Hyndman    SVP, Creative Director Art & Design, KPR


“Nancy’s beautifully designed work literally jumps off the page. It is clean, compelling and intelligently strategic—
all at the same time. And that’s no easy feat, although Nancy makes it look easy. I’ve known Nancy for just over 
2 years now, first meeting her at Sudler & Hennessey while I was ECD there and she was a freelance art director
looking for a full-time position. She quickly became one of our “go-to” talents for tough design challenges—or simply
to “dress up” concepts for a new business pitch or important in-line client presentation. Within a few short months, 
we realized we couldn’t live without her and hired her as ACD/Art to launch a major new antihypertensive for one
of our most demanding clients. And even with her limited healthcare experience, Nancy embraced the opportunity, 
won over her account and client marketing teams, and created one of the most sophisticated launch campaigns in
Forest Laboratories’ history. More recently, I had the pleasure of working with Nancy again as her creative/copy
partner now that she is at KPR and I’m in my own creative consulting business. Our assignment was global launch
concepts for a new biologic therapy for rheumatoid arthritis. The work we created together was incredibly fresh
and fun. And Nancy did it all while carrying an enormous day-to-day workload and supervising a couple of young
art directors in the process. The best part for me was knowing that Nancy was going to make my copy look great! 
And, of course, she did. She’s a tremendous talent.” 

Joe Garamella    Owner, Joe Garamella Creative  |  Former Executive Creative Director, Sudler & Hennessey


“Nancy is a very talented and dedicated designer who has high standards for herself and others around her.
While at Interbrand, she displayed high energy, individual initiative and had a thorough understanding of seeing a
project through from beginning to end. I was very impressed with Nancy’s passion to learn our way of approaching
a design assignment. On Metalsite, in particular, her contribution as both designer and director were noteworthy.”

Gary Stilovich    Creative Director, Interbrand Global Brand Consultancy