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brand strategy: the local palate

assess. innovate. communicate.

built with a language all it's own, brand muscle is the backbone of brand reach.
creating a cohesive brand identity starts with the basics: understanding the market,
and your place in it. defining one's brand platform. brand positioning. & brand values. 
this ultimately informs brand creative that captures the essence of ones' vision & purpose.
i was honored to assume this role for a brilliant food & lifestyle brand...

thiink brand. thiink smart. [thiink often]


client  the local palate: food culture of the south 

communication  comprehensive cross-platform implementation of food and lifestyle brand

reach  all consumer and professional marketing touchpoints
including print, digital, events, social media, enews, multimedia

brand platform  southern food culture with extensive reach across southern lifestyle
including tourism, history, traditions, trends, adventure, dining, entertainment,
nightlife, arts, music, family, sponsored events

brand positioning  america's premiere destination for southern food culture

brand values  fresh, unexpected, approachable || dynamic, curious, inspired